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Yield Enhancement Products
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Yield Enhancement Products

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Learn About BioFac Crop CareEcosystems required for successful farming have been decimated by chemical pesticides, previously thought to be a cost effective method to control insect damage...

This is no longer the case.  Pesticides inoculate bad bugs over time, which make them immune to poisons in the plants they eat.  Naturally controlling, beneficial insects which previously controlled these pests are wiped out by the same poisons since they don’t eat the plants and are not vaccinated.  These poisons create a “toxic mess” of pest problems in ever-growing proportions. 

Biofac cleans up this “mess”, left by chemical company pesticides so that farm operators can regain control over pests through balancing ecosystems that return them to profits.  Learn the truth that the poison sellers won't tell you.  Call Biofac today. 

SurgePro is a registered trademark for Biofac foliar fertilizer spay products.

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Learn About BioFac Crop CareFood damage comes from insects and lack of knowledge about preserving food.  Biofac can help.  At Biofac we produce beneficial insects for natural sustainable pest control.  

Yield Enhancement Products from Biofac
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Learn More About Biofac Biofac Research Center in Texas, has over thirty years experience as world leading beneficial insectary, raising & distributing natural biological insects for both agriculture and urban control programs. The USDA reports safety and validity of beneficial insect programs. [click here]

Technology helps food production and distribution, while starving remains amid surplus.   Awareness of  environmental constraints, water pollution, air, toxic residues and food “quality” mandate sustainable systems.   That’s what Biofac provides.

Frequent Questions about  Biofac beneficials

Biofac provides natural pest control systems.  Polluting destroys while clean plans benefit everyone.  We believe stopping degradation and sustaining natural resources is critical.  Our mission is to help you provide more, and if there is damage, to promote healing.  Biofac beneficial insect strategies work better.  This web site promotes truthful crop protection research and information you need to know.

Best wishes for growth, health and profits! 

M. A. Maedgen, Jr.
Biofac Crop Care

“Biofac natural” systems save over high cost chemicals, and protect the environment to grow healthier foods for a global market.  We provide sustainable solutions that save you money.  Get started with proven Biofac natural systems!  Questions? Click here.  

Why Do Biofac Controls Work?  See Beneficials vs. Pest Insects


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