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Biofac Battle BugMany pest insects that attack crops are readily managed through biological control.  You can tap into that source of expertise and beneficials by using Biological Control Programs offered here by Biofac.  EMail or call us toll free.  We are ready and standing by to help you solve your pest problem in a safe, proven and effective way!  All you have to lose is a pest problem!  Get started right now!  A feedback form is provided so you can get timely information from Biofac.  We'll answer any question, give honest answers, and where necessary, design a program to meet your specific needs. 

No charge consultations!  Contact us at Biofac right now!

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We are located in Mathis, Texas, USA.  But don’t worry, we service locations throughout the USA and globally through our representatives, distributors, and affiliated consultants.

Contact Belinda Gonzales or “Buddy” M. A. Maedgen, Jr.

Biofac Headquarters
P. O. Box 87
Mathis, Texas

Phone:    361-547-3259
Local:      (361) 547-3259
Fax:         (361) 547-9660


Main Biofac Departments
Biofac consists of departments serving diversified agriculture.  While there are some host specific benficials for each department, there are also crossovers that fit hundreds of different kinds of plants.  Biofac offers specific programs for maximum benefit in specific crop areas.  Talk to an expert about a plan for you.  There is no reason why you can't get your best yield enhancement and crop protection solutions from Biofac. 

Call for a FREE on-site consultation today.  It may be the best call you'll ever make.


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