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Frequent Questions Asked at Biofac
Answers to frequently asked questions about natural beneficial pest control and Biofac products are here.  To send in your questions
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Q:     What are the usage instructions for Trichogramma?
A:      Biofac has detailed usage and application instructions for all of its beneficial insects along with distribution guides and prices.  Click here to go directly to the usage instructions for Trichogramma.  Biofac always tells you how to maintain your beneficial insect programs.

Q:     What beneficial insects control which pests?
A:      Biofac has detailed lists of pests versus beneficial insects with distribution guides and prices.  Click here to go directly to this list and quide.  Biofac tells you what and how to maintain your beneficial insect program.

Q:      Will adding beneficial insects cause inspection problems?
A:       No - These are all natural predators.  They are small in size and they only live for a few days unless there is a lot of prey available as food.

Q:       Do beneficial insects damage grain?
A:        No - They do not eat or damage any grains.  They are only interested in their prey, the pest bugs.

Q.       Do beneficial insects ever become pests themselves?
A.        No.  They are called beneficial insects because they are helpful to mankind by destroying pest insects that damage crops.  "Beneficial" insects are not harmful to members of the animal kingdom nor the plant kingdom of life.

Q.        By releasing beneficial insects, does an imbalance in nature occur?
A.        There already exists an imbalance in favor of crop destroying insects (pests). Balance between beneficial insects and pest insects is therefore restored through the deliberate release of beneficial insects.

Q.        Is it necessary to release additional beneficial insects each year?
A.        Yes.  Although many of them survive, their populations are directly dependent upon the seasonal availability of pest insects as food.  This host dependency subordinates beneficial insects to pest insects in the food chain.

Q.       How often are beneficial insects applied to a crop?
A.        Usually between 2 and 12 times per production season.

Q.        Where does Biofac get its start of beneficial insects?
A.        Some are obtained from research colonies maintained by the U. S. Department of Agriculture.  Others are obtained from the fields where they are found with the pest insects.

Q.        Is it more expensive to use Beneficial insects than traditional insecticides?
A.        No.  It is less expensive to use beneficial insects because they reproduce in the field at the physical expense of pest insects.  University researchers have recently stated that the cost of bringing a single, new pesticide to the market today exceeds $60 million.

Q.        Does the Federal government agree with the use of beneficial insects as crop protectants?
A.        Yes.  The USDA has used indigenous species of beneficial insects, and they import new species of beneficials for use when new pest insects are found invading crops in the USA when indigenous species of beneficial insects are not effective in controlling the newly invading pest species.  Another example of the Federal government agreeing with the use of beneficial insects is shown in the Federal Register publication of an "exemption from requirements of a tolerance" for certain beneficial insects produced by Biofac Crop Care, Inc. that are used in the protection of Stored-Products.  Also it is recorded that during the early 1890's, USDA scientists imported a colony of Ladybugs from Australia.   They were released into California citrus where they successfully controlled an insect pest, Cottony Cushion Scale.  These are but a few examples of government use and endorsement of beneficial insects.

Q.        How are beneficial insects applied to the crops?
A.        They are applied  aerially, by ground equipment, from pickup trucks, and even on foot.  Instructions are included with each shipment.

Q.       How are they shipped to the customer?
A.        By common carrier.  Most beneficial insects shipped by Biofac are shipped overnight in Styrofoam boxes with gel ice.  This method preserves the quality of the beneficial insects until arrival at the destination.

Q.        How does one purchase beneficial insects from Biofac?
A.        They can be purchased directly from this web site.  Just click here for the "ORDER" form and fill in the form for credit card purchases.  They can be purchase over the phone by dialing 361-547-3259 direct to the office, or they can be purchased from your local or regional Biofac field representative on Visa, Master Card, or American Express

Q.       Is Biofac a part of, or supported by the government?
A.        No.  Biofac is a privately owned and operated company, which has provided beneficial insects and "use" technology to farmers in the USA, Mexico, and Central America since 1978.   Biofac Crop Care does support and provide beneficial insects for numerous government studies when asked by agencies such as the U. S. Department of Agriculture and agriculture departments of universities and colleges.


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