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United Farmers Chart 2

United Farmers Coop, Nebraska,
monitored results of Biofac beneficial insect
applications in stored grain.

Only four biweekly applications were made June 6 through July 19.  Results below are from this single program and should convince any grain operator to try this method immediately to improve operations and reduce costs. 
Contact Buddy Maedgen for details on tests, at .

Biological control applications measured and found these results in stored grain. Biofac proved better than chemical methods.  The graphs record 4 introductions of beneficial insects into stored commodities, flag measured with 4 foot brass hand probes.  Biofac beneficials significantly reduce pest populations and reduce chemical costs.

Graphs below illustrate reduction of insect pests in stored commodities through the use of biological beneficial insect control. 

Biofac results show biological control can be used across the board in a variety of environments.  The graphs illustrate that introduction of beneficial insects into stored commodities significantly reduce pest populations

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