Who is Biofac Crop Care?

Biofac Crop Care, Inc., headquartered in Mathis, TX is passionate about being a leading agronomic solutions provider committed to providing customers a proven high quality product.

Founded by Malcolm “Buddy” Maedgen in 1979, Biofac Crop Care Inc. specialized in the mass-production of beneficial insects until 2003 when Buddy developed the yield enhancement foliar fertilizer, SurgePro®, which has since been applied on 42 varieties of crops across 18 U.S. states.

In 1958, Buddy earned a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy from Texas A&M University with a specialization in plant and soil sciences. As a veteran agronomist, Buddy holds 58 years of farming experience since 1963 when he first sought out to produce cotton on his own.

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