Yield Enhancement with SurgePro

Field Proven Foliar Crop Food.

Simple yield enhancement that makes everything else you do worth it.

SurgePro® by Biofac is a unique combination of powerful fertilization ingredients formulated to enhance yields of most commercially grown agricultural crops and feed grain commodities.

SurgePro® is most effective as a direct foliar spray to stimulate the plant’s metabolism and development. Trans-location of nutrients and water from the soil is accelerated, providing more efficient conversion into roots, foliage, blooms and fruit, thus greatly enhancing yields.

As a new and enhanced plant growth accelerator, New SurgePro customer tests are proving 20-38% or more in yield increases over non-treated plants.

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SurgePro® has a farm proven track record. Farmers over major agricultural regions have seen the benefits of HIGHER CROP YIELDS, BETTER QUALITY, GREATER UNIFORMITY, HARVESTED EARLIER, with MORE PROFITS.

SurgePro is a registered trademark for Biofac foliar fertilizer spay products.

Biofac and SurgePro were founded on the principle that crop care and protection doesn’t have to be toxic to be effective.

Want Extra Yields at Less Cost?  Go With SurgePro!

SurgePro® farmers hold the bragging rights to record yields nationwide. For
proven extra yields of 20-38% and more (depends on the crop) — at a mere
$6-$27 per acre investment, you owe it to your bottom-line to use
SurgePro. The SurgePro Nutrition Engine energizes your crops to be
outstanding in their yield, so this year you can have bragging rights

Proven on 42 crops over the last 16 years.   SurgePro is a non-toxic, foliar fertilizer.   SurgePro is the most versatile weapon in your input arsenal. 

One product for everything you grow so you can be assured of faster growing,
healthier plants that produce a bigger root system, more foliage, flower
and fruit. And best yet, more profit!

Grow with SurgePro!

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