SurgePro Treated Corn = 30% FATTER PROFIT!


These photos display characteristics of SurgePro treated plants vs Untreated plants beginning with advanced root system development.

Ears are uniformly better developed in length and circumference.  Size of seed and number of seed per row is considerably greater on SurgePro ears being greatly advantageous in bushels produced per acre.   For green chop or for silage, the 5th internodes of SurgePro treated plants were much longer and heavier than corresponding internodes of untreated plants.   All samples for evaluation were taken from the same field of irrigated corn grown by Ken Hall.   Growing conditions were identicle for each grower’s crop of treated vs untreated including samples from Patrick Wilder’s field.

Ricky Smith Farms, Donalsonville, GA. For either seed production or for silage (green chop) SurgePro treated corn produces more PROFIT!